About Naini

Naini Setalvad
Obesity and Lifestyle Disease Consultant

After journeying from 160 kilos to 60 kilos, Naini steers people to love good food that's good for us, at her Mumbai and Rajkot center and across the country via articles and talks on health. Naini's struggled for weight loss since the 7th grade. Dieticians, health farms, hospitalization, pill popping, high protein diets, meal replacement, name it and she did it. Finally, she shed her weight gradually with food and at the age of 34 in 1998 with familiar foods containing a balance of protein fats and carbohydrates. She used food combinations and ancient Indian wisdom. She nearly turned anorexic but sense prevailed and she turned back. Thereafter, she studied nutrition, learnt from dietitians, naturopaths and developed her own technique to help people lose weight and to keep it off sensibly.

Naini says:

"...I have been there

I have walked the path

I know the pains and pitfalls

I know that there are days when temptation rules

And then I have experienced the joy and triumph!

I have only this to say to you...

...I understand and it is possible"


Sports and fitness science by Gopikrishna Piramal memorial hospital and Health Care Administration Chennai, India

- Diet Management

- Nutrition and Dietetics


- Diet Disease and Development

- Nutrition and Health

- Food Preservation

- Chief Advisory dietician for high hope center Rajkot.

- Nutritional summer course at Nanavati College

- Conscious Foods advisory panel (organic food brand)

Taught nutrition and motivation at progressive fitness at B.Y.F. Fitness academy

Naini Setalvad has been the official nutritionist for Pantaloons Femina Miss India 2011