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Gluttony - Today's Way of Life- the main cause of disease

It is a fact that we all eat too much and this century's food is the main culprit of making us gluttons .Two to three rotis with a vegetable a little rice, dal and buttermilk is a nutritious meal giving the essentials minerals vitamins and nutrients mandatory for the body. Currently food at home as well as outside has deviated from balanced meals not providing us the requisite nutrients vitamins and minerals .Our bodies are left hungry for what is absolutely essential and is not available making us search for it thereby causing us to overeat making us gluttons .Sadly these foods are the ones that is abundantly served increasing diseases lowering immunity causing nutrient deficiencies leading to poor performance, mood swings stress and weight gain. It doesn't help our situation when our supermarkets and convenience stores are filled to the brim with everything but nothing that are bodies need. At home and not only the restaurants leave no stone unturned while trying to satisfy our wants with foods which are barren of any nutrients or minerals. Ma is able to today source broccoli, artichokes and avocado from the Mediterranean. Her menus could be anything from nachos with cheese sauce, tacos, pasta, fried rice, kungpao potatoes and Manchurian. Ma is so proud that her child can eat global and ma can get any produce at any time of the year and she does not have to wait for seasonal foods .As a toddler she introduced her children to macaroni and cheese sauce and noodles and they could eat oodles of it. By the time they were pre- teens her little one ate, Lebanese, Pan Asian, Mexican, Mediterranean, South American and fusion food. Ghar ka dhal chawl sabzi is so mediocre and passe it is for the masses how can the family eat this especially twice a day .The child orders and the parent obliges .It is so shocking that the authority to plan menus is in the hand of children who barely has any knowledge of nutrition unfortunately snacks are often the meal for dinner. Ragda pattice, pani puri, chole bhatura, dahiwada, burgers, croquettes, gone is the balanced roti sabzi, kichdi curry, sambhar rice bhakri vegetable at dinner. Families have forgotten what vegetables are made from and nowadays paneer, tofu, soya nuggets, channe ki sabzi, gatte ki sabzi, kofta, corn sabzi pass on as vegetables. Gone are the lady finger brinjal, , drumstick cabbage, flat beans, bottle gourd ,snake gourd the entire beans, gourd family etc to name a few. At times broccoli, zucchini, kale are on the menu as they believe all exotic vegetables are healthier than the local, seasonal Indian vegetables. The Matre-d tempts the Madam or Sir with a burrata from Italy or lobster thermidor from France, an Argentinean steak or a gluten free high protein quinoa procured from the Amazon and our gluten free high protein non grain local Amaranth which by the way is lower in fat is not even thought of. Everyone is vying with the other to consume more novella and exotic gobbling up much more sipping it alcohol mocktails cocktails. Molecular gastronomy blends physics and chemistry into our plate with fuming flasks liquid nitrogen ,led blinking water baths, shells of food chemicals and syringes on your plate presenting different consistency, fragrances textures and even sounds. Maybe eaten with chocolate spoons served in crispy potato baskets or steel meshes who needs a plates and saucers. Like the Pied piper the people are blindly following the herds giving a rise to a billion dollar industry that encourages us to give up our local regional seasonal produce. This business recommends us to eat greedily more quinoa, kale, broccoli at every meal. They cannot make us more healthy or less thin as they have not found the cause which has made us unhealthy. A cocktail of world cuisine on our plate loaded with chemicals pesticides to increase the size, not giving a thought about eating foods according to seasons. Maybe this is one of the root causes of early puberty, hormonal disturbances and the rise of obesity diabetes and cancer to. Collectively, we speak so much of food, and so little of what we properly need. It isn't pizza, or Argentinean steak or a tub of popcorn or potato wedges The menus choices needs to change as they are only restricted to a moment of satisfaction on the lips a life time on the hips and a disease filled life . Not realizing what we need is a generous scoop of insight so that we make intelligent choices. Fresh regional seasonal so we can reverse retard prevent diseases and improve performance helping us rediscover our real potential.

@ 2021 Naini Setalvad
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