Naini Setalvad

At Naini Setalvad's there is something for everybody. She works with diverse groups and individuals, catering to their special needs, goals and health conditions. Some of her services include:


Naini conducts one-to-one diet counselling, with anyone who wishes to improve their health, at her Mumbai and Rajkot Centers. She also helps those needing the following diets:

    - Weight loss

    - Weight gain

    - Cholesterol management

    - Diabetes management

    - Blood Pressure management

    - Menopause

    - Children and performance

    - Thyroid management

    - Skin and hair improvement

    - Uric acid

    - Pregnancy diet care

    - Post-Pregnancy diet care

    - Osteoporosis

    - Arthritis

Every diet is different and is individualized to suit clients' likes, dislikes and lifestyle.


Step 1- History of client is taken.

Step 2- Once Naini Setalvad studies this she will prescribe you the diet and will inform you, will tell you how long it will take you to achieve your goal and your optimum weight.

Step 3- You would require sending her your daily diet of what you are having from morning to evening as well your daily weight.

Before: Fat 160 Kg

After: Fit 60kg