I am Bharati, 67 years old lady. I always dreamt of a slim body. When I was introduced to Naini, my weight was 64 kg's. Naturally I was overweight. She guided me on my diet so I lost weight gradually without losing my energy. She designed my nutritional diet starting with coconut water, followed by fruits, vegetable juice, and dry fruit, salads, vegetables and Jowar and bajri roti. I never felt that I was starving. After ten months I reached my goal for my weight i.e. 55Kgs. I lost 9 Kgs. In ten months. Not only food intake my diabetes and blood pressure was also taken into consideration. I have to take amla juice (sugar controller) thrice a day for controlling diabetes and water in which coriander seeds are soaked overnight for blood pressure control. They are in control without any medicine thanks to Naini. She transformed me into beautiful body and mind. She helped me understand better how to be a healthy and happy person. My dream came true within a year. My body, mind and spirit are uplifted.
Bharati chikal

This is regarding the health condition I had come to you with about my irregular periods due to PCOD and underweight. I would like to thank you for all the diet plans and help since you know I had not got my periods for a year and even going on the contraceptive pills and all the check ups with the gynaec did not help me regularize my periods. However, with your guidance on a correct diet plan and exercise I actually managed to get my weight to normal, which in turn got my periods to also become very regular. Now it is such a relief cause I get my periods timely. Stopping all the medicines and maintaining the weight with the diet helped a plenty.
Priyanka Bagai

I started with this 3-month diet with a weight of 60.60 kgs. With an aim of wanting to eat healthy, I approached Naini, who provided me with a different diet each month which not only made me feel lighter and livelier but I also felt an increase in my food intake. I was very pleased to have a variety of options from different cuisine restaurants to choose from. Her online consultation program made it easy for me to be in constant touch with her as I shared my daily food logs with her. I am 51 kgs now, still following her diet and exercising daily. I was very comfortable with the way things were handled and the options provided to me made it very easy for me to remain healthy.
Hiral Shah