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I have been following Naini's health plan since November 2019. Her diet is simple and easy to follow. Her personal touch makes u strive to eat healthy. I have lost weight and feel healthier as I was prone to low BP and headaches - even that has resolved after adhering to her diet plan. I can't thank Naini enough. -- MADHU KEJRIWAL

Naini your program is great I have been coming to you for almost 10 years now it has been very educative and I have learnt a great deal about diet and the value of different kinds of food and l am still enjoying coming to you and will do so till I am able to come.Your diet plans are practical and easy to follow and weight loss is steady and that is very encouraging. Your instructions are clear and to the point. Thank you for helping me to keep healthy at the age of 82! -- GAYATRI BHATTACHARYA

Before starting Naini I was detesting going to any nutritionist because the fact is everyone I have been to has starved me but Naini is a dream she has made me loose 8 kgs in 3 months eating everything carbs and drinking occasionally and I'm maintaining it. I never felt tired frustrated even once. I am now fitting into a small in Zara when I was a large. It is not a diet when you go to her it's just a way of life I am so so grateful to Naini -- POOJA KHURANA

The plan was to join Naini's counselling for losing weight, little did I know that what it is going to be is more of a lifestyle change than just lose weight and be happy. The notion of Diet means torturing yourself by not eating' was completely demolished when she allowed me to eat everything that I would want to on daily basis. Over the period of time she taught me how to lead a healthy happy lifestyle also how to pick correct food dishes whether at home or out for social functions or dinners at restaurants. I will always be thankful to her for she changed how I lead my life completely. Being healthy, eating right and well is a choice which a happily adapted to forever thanks to her guidance. -- MONISH ASHER

Few years ago, I put on a lot of weight, started feeling lethargic, would feel fatigued very quickly and also invited a lot of health issues. Firstly I blamed it all on menopause and accepted that I have no option but live like this for the rest of my life. Then I was referred to Naini by a very dear friend of mine. Although I was not convinced but was literally pushed by her to give it a try. In October 2014 I met Naini and she put me on a diet plan. I started with a positive mindset that let me see if it works..... And very soon I started losing weight very easily and was happy to continue with Naini's plan as it was very easy to follow. Naini revolves around your food habits and lifestyle so one doesn't feel that you are actually dieting .... Very soon in a span of around 8 to 10 months I almost shed 16 kilos !!!!!! And that too after all the regular traveling and picking up the right food wherever I am in the world. Since then I have been maintaining it very happily and have dropped my sizes considerably ....from XL to M and S..... I feel so good and confident now. I feel fresh and energetic all the time. Naini brought about a lifestyle change and that made all the difference. Thank you Naini for making me fit and look younger too !!!!! I am so happy that I share my daughter's wardrobe and can carry the funkiest clothes with confidence. -- TRIPTI NARULA

I have been knowing naini since 2011. Within this period I have been to her 4 to 5 times whenever I needed weight loss advices or faced medical issues. Recently I was facing some issues related to my sugar levels which were as bad as hb1ac 9.5 or 10.I consulted few doctors and they all suggested me to start with sugar medicines immediately. I spoke to naini and she was confident of me getting my sugar levels back to normal without medicines. With her diet and guidance I was able to loose 9kgs within a span of 5mths and able to get my hb1ac levels to normal at 5.5. With her help I was also able to regularize my other medical parameters like uric acid B12 and D3 levels. -- RAJEN GANDHI

I really benefited greatly by working on my food habits with Naini. Apart from weight loss, which was the primary reason for going to her, she also helped me in dealing with other digestion issues that I had. The good thing about Naini is that she works with the food that you are used to and doesn't introduce foods that you are not comfortable with. That is a big help in sustaining the program that she puts you on -- VINODINI LULLA

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